Slippery Nuru

Nuru is a Japanese word meaning for ‘slippery’. Nuru massage is a massage procedure done using a slippery gel made out of seaweed extract to create slippery body-to-body contact. During a nuru massage, both partners are usually covered with gel and the entire body is used to glide, slide and stroke along the recipient’s body.

Nuru massage procedure

Nuru gel works best on damp skin, so the treatment usually begins with a bath or shower, shared with the masseuse.

Next, the masseuse will mix the pre-warmed nuru gel with warm water in a large bowl until it reaches the desired consistency. She will then apply the gel all over her body, before applying it to the client’s body as well.

Finally the therapist will climb and will then begin to slide her body over the client, making as much contact as possible.

Massage is extremely beneficial for our body and health as :
  • 1) It Provides Pain Relief & Flexibility
  • 2) It Promotes Recovery & Healing
  • 3) It Reduces Tension, Anxiety & Lifts Mood
  • 4) It Revitalizes Skin
  • 5) It Strengthens the Immune System
  • 6) It Heightens Erotic Sensitivity
Slippery Nuru Massage