Herbal Massage

One of the most traditional and ancient technique of massage therapy is Herbal Therapy. The healing powers of herbs were used by Buddhist monks, local herbal healers and midwives in massages for all kinds of body pains.

During Herbal Massage Therapy, the steamed fresh local herbal ingredients are applied to help sooth and relax muscle tension and other aches and pains. Aromatic camphor in the compress eases respiration. This Traditional massage is used for the treatment of sprains, muscle pain, bruises and swelling. The combination of herbs we use in this massage has been developed over the years and is a secret blend passed down from generation to generation.

Herbal Massage has lots of benefits as :
  • 1) It gives a complete relief to aching muscles
  • 2) Stress relief
  • 3) Relaxation and peace of mind
  • 4) Reduces swelling, drains waste, very ideal for a mother recovering from pregnancy
Herbal Therapy