Body to body massage

Ayurveda teaches us that Body massage is among the best ways to keep the body and skin healthy and radiant. Body to body massage is exactly as what it sounds like in this our trained massage therapist will use her own body to give you the best massage experience which will help you to relieve from any pain that you may be experiencing. Using a very special gel, one of our Beautiful female therapists will slide her perfectly toned and shaped body on and across your body, providing an erotic shiver throughout your body. With every slide, you will feel both pleasure and relaxation – something our Girls knows how to do well. A sliding body massage is one of the most relaxing massages you will ever receive. When the massage ends, you will feel so revitalized.

Body to Body massage is the slow, gentle style of massage to assists relieve stress, muscle discomfort, improves blood circulation, feeds skin, lose weight and may thoroughly detox your system system.

Here at the S9spa we dedicate our time and energy to ensuring that every moment are worth spending here with us . We fully intend on you enjoying your stay with us so much that you will leave here fully rested and energized.

Body to body Massage